Across the world eight million children are living in orphanages and institutions and, as a result, they are outside the care of a loving family. Indeed, most of these children have families that could look after them with the right support. Help us bring them home.

all children count but not all are counted #leavenoonebehind

A world where every child can live in a safe and caring family setting is possible. With your help, we can change the life stories of eight million children around the world who are living in institutional care. Raise your voice to help us ensure all children are counted. Thank you.

In 2015, countries around the world adopted the new development agenda Tranforming our world: the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.
The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which replaced the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), include strong targets to reduce violence against children, improve health, nutrition and access to education, and many other aspects in life that are important in a child’s development.
World leaders agreed that the new development agenda would “leave no one behind”. Yet, as it stands, the new Goals will leave children living without parents and outside families, in institutions or orphanages, very far behind.
This is because the methods that are used to count children only count those who live in a family, but do not count children who live without parents or outside a household. This means that the estimated 8 million children that live in institutions or orphanages will be left behind by the sustainable development goals.
Therefore, we have joined a large group of organisations in calling on world leaders and the United Nations to change this. We have written a joint open letter, which so far has been signed by more than 250 organisations, NGOs, academics,  calling on world leaders to:
  • Ensure that children living outside of households and/or without parental care are counted;
  • Improve methodologies to ensure that no children will be left behind.
Raise your voice to ensure our calls are heard
Tweet: I call on world leaders to #countallchildren, incl those living outside of households. #leavenoonebehind #SDGs
Do you want to find out more?
  • Take a look at our timeline from 2000 till now showing how the SDGs have come about.
  • Find out what the terms and phrases used in the SDGs mean in our glossary of terms.
  • Read real-life stories of what it means to be left behind. You can find some case studies here.
The letter is available to download here in English, French, SpanishArabicRussian, Bulgarian and Italian

All Children Count But Not All Are Counted World Map 

We have created a map of all of the organisations who have joined us to call for change. See below and search for organisations from around the world. 

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