Marketa*'s story

Marketa has Down syndrome. She has lived in a large institution for people with disabilities since she was born.
Six years ago, Lumos began collaborating with local authorities that are responsible for the running of Marketa’s institution. As a result, they initiated the long process of moving the children who lived there to appropriate family-like care, and it was decided that the best option for Marketa would be a small group home with five other children. Here, they will receive the attention and care that they need, and have space for personal development.
During this time, a child participation programme was established in the institution Marketa was living in, to engage the children there in the decision-making process about their care. As a result, Marketa attended a two-day course where, for the first time in her life, she spent time with children without disabilities who live in families. 
At first Marketa was nervous around the children, but with their support she slowly gained confidence. She made new friends, learnt to participate in games, and even created a simple animation about her transition from the institution to a small group home.
Marketa has now grown into a self-assured twelve year old, who knows her own rights and how to fight for them. She shares this newfound confidence with the other children at her institution, whilst she waits to move to her new small group home.
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